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Details about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s ‘dramatic makeup’

Brace yourselves, Twi-hards, we have some big news: and are reportedly trying to work things out.

The saga between the “Twilight” lovebirds is apparently not over. People magazine is reporting that although things went south for the couple after Stewart, 22, admitted she cheated on Pattinson, 26, with married director Rupert Sanders, the duo recently reunited. According to the magazine they met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of September 15. And – get this – Pattinson’s pal says he thinks “they will be a couple again.”

Another source told People that Pattinson was devastated by Stewart’s betrayal, but had a hard time moving on, saying it was “clearly harder than expected.”

The new issue of Us Weekly has details about what they describe as a “” as well. They note that Pattinson was “gutted” by Stewart’s indiscretion. She finally convinced him to meet her face-to-face – and they have since met on multiple occasions, reports the magazine.

“They’re working it out,” the source tells Us Weekly. “He’s still in love with her.”

Both Pattinson and Stewart have hit the red carpet since her affair was made public in July, but they haven’t addressed their relationship directly. When Stewart was at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month, she was asked about how things will go when they have to promote the final Twilight Saga film in November. “We’re going to be fine,” she told the Associated Press. “We’re totally fine.”

It actually sounds like things are better than “fine.”

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