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Danielle Savre Biography 1988-

grew up in Los Angeles, California and is the younger of two children.  Her parents – college graduates – encourage her to attend college and earn a doctorate degree before heading to Hollywood.  Danielle, however, possessed an enormous passion for acting and convinced her parents to allow her to audition for commercial and print work.  Danielle has performed in numerous national commercials since the young age of 7; was cast in K-Mart with the Judd’s, Malibu Barbie, Cingular, Robinson’s May, and Toyota.  Her print ads are still surfacing in magazines and toy ads from My Little Pony, Barbie, and American Girl.  This experience has led Danielle to pursue a wider career in entertainment.  At the age of 12 years she was cast in her first television role as Cassidy in “Murphy’s Dozen” a WB show.  Her fellow cast members of “Murphy’s Dozen” included Brittany Snow (American Dreams & The Pacifier), Josh Wise (Do over), Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan, Clubhouse, & Frailty), & Chad Michael Murray (A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday & One Tree Hill). Continuing on the road to success, Danielle has been cast in several television shows, Grounded for Life, One on One, X-Files, CSI, The Closer, Charmed, and her recurring role on the hit television show Summerland as Callie, the on again off again love interest of Bradin Westerly (Jesse McCartney).

Danielle was also, for 3 years, a member with three other girls, of the group Sweet Obsession.  Sweet Obsession performed at several events, Hollywood Knights, Magic Mountain, and numerous High School events, to name a few.  However, the group has dispersed after several members received scholarships and decided to pursue college careers.  Danielle has continued being professionally choreographed by renowned choreographer Shane Sparks during both her groups’ performances and during her solo singing career. She is currently recording her first album with her new girl group, Trinity.  In addition, Danielle has rehearsed with solo artist Alex Nester who is represented by Robby Robinson and anticipates releasing her first album in mid-2006.

Danielle currently lives with her family in California.  She is continuing her academic studies at a local Jr. College in the area.  Danielle has enjoyed outstanding athletic abilities both in soccer and distance running.  She continues to play the competitive sport of soccer on a private club team since leaving high school.  Her hobbies are snowboarding, snow skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, soccer, parasailing, gymnastics, horseback riding, surfing, ice skating, dancing, and snorkeling.  Danielle is planning on continuing her college studies and hopes to attend University of California Los Angeles or Harvard University.

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