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Cleveland has the resilient, no-nonsense attitude of any hard-working, Upper Midwest city. It’s rock and roll, football and beer, and polka and kielbasa. And although it hasn’t blinked as some of the elements of its 1990s renaissance have faded a bit, the long-term trend is still toward improvement. While some efforts have failed, new restaurants and nightspots have joined old favorites to give the city an impressive variety of entertainment options and a cultural diversity that might come as a surprise to first-time visitors. Whatever the future holds, you can be sure that Cleveland will continue to change—for the better—defying expectations along the way.

Cleveland Sights

A little bit Midwest and a little bit East Coast, Cleveland has continually shrugged off it’s image as an irrelevant or unappealing city, adopting the philosophy that living well is the best revenge. Major attractions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Great Lakes Science Center, the Theater District, and the Gateway sports venues anchor the city’s cultural scene, and a world-class orchestra, stunning art museum, and lush parks at every turn don’t hurt either. Neighborhoods such as the Flats, the Warehouse District, the Gateway District, and North Coast Harbor buzz with restaurants, shops, and nightclubs.

Cleveland Reviews

Ethnic food reigns in Cleveland, whether it’s a spicy burrito or Polish kielbasa smothered with Cleveland’s famous Stadium Mustard. Clevelanders embrace their restaurants and are reluctant to see any go, but the spots that stick around year after year disdain pretension and in some way reflect the city’s straight-on, rough-and-ready persona. There are restaurant rows in the Flats, the Warehouse District, Downtown, Ohio City, Little Italy, and on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights.

Cleveland Reviews

Outside downtown, hotels and motels are concentrated around the Berea-Middleburg Heights exit off I-71 (near the airport), the Rockside Road/Brecksville exit off I-77, and the Chagrin Boulevard/Beachwood exit off I-271. At those closer to Aurora, site of the Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom theme parks, rates are higher in summer.

Cleveland Nightlife

In Cleveland, nightlife is concentrated in the fashionable Warehouse District and on both banks of the Flats. The best spots are not limited to those areas, however, and intrepid revelers can find quirky clubs through the downtown area and in a range of neighborhoods. In Ohio City, across the river, Market Avenue bustles with sidewalk cafés in the summertime.

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