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Cleaning the Pet Friendly House

If you have pets you know too well what it is like to live with gobs of hair, wonderfully scented sofas and the ever so popular urine on the carpets. Being lovers we get used to this and frankly don’t even notice most of the time that our home smells like a kennel!

Well help has arrived you no longer have to create excuses for your pets when friends or family visit. up after your pets can be easy and create a healthy environment for you and your entire family. The steps below will get you started on a “fresh” new home place.

The key is that you must remove the source before the smell will completely disappear.

1. Bathing your pets: Recommended at least once a month as needed.

* If you have dogs, give them a bath. If they are dirty they will carry it around all over your home. It will also remove the excess hair before it reaches your furniture. For cats, brush them to remove excess hair; even for short hair breeds. I recommend the FURminator, it is a wonder brush. It is pricey, but will last a lifetime and is available at major department stores.

2. Furniture: Recommended at least once a week.

* Next, start with removing animal hair from your furniture. The best way is by using a standard vacuum cleaner with the side attachment; simply guide it along the furniture until all the hair is gone. A common lint roller will also do the trick or Pledge offers a Fabric Sweeper for pet hair, priced at around $4.00. This will eliminate odors caused by bacteria.

3. Floors: Recommended at least once a week.

* Vacuum: Start with an empty vacuum bag or cup. Vacuum longer than you usually would to get out as much dirt and hair as possible.
* Laminated or tile flooring: Sweep well then apply regular hold bleach (full strength) and mop. Nothing kills bacteria like bleach. You do not have to rinse, unless your floor becomes sticky. Another alternative is the Swiffer Sweeper Vac which is perfect for attracting and trapping dirt, dust, and pet hair on your household surfaces and floors.

4. Air filters AC/Furnace: Recommended once per month.

* Change out your homes air filter. This should be done once a month when you have pets. I recommend FiltreteTM or WEB Lifetime Electrostatic filters. They range between $10 and $20 dollars each and are available at major home improvement stores.

5. Disinfect: Recommended daily.

* Removing surface bacteria will remove lingering odors. A high quality sanitizer can kill more than 99% of germs, even cold and flu viruses. Many of them can be used on any surface in your home.

6. Air fresheners: Recommended daily.

* Utilizing standard spray air fresheners only mask the scent and usually will end up smelling like a pet covered in flowers. The best thing is to use a spray that will remove the odors instead of covering them up. A good air sanitizer will kill many of the airborne odor-causing bacteria and leaves your home spelling fresh and clean.

7. Urine: Recommended as needed.

* I highly recommend Urine GoneTM for removal of all urine odors. This is a miracle product and is a must for anyone who has a pet. It is also great for rabbit, guinea pig and ferret cages.

8. Pet Bedding: Recommended at least two times a month.

* If washable, wash in hot water then spray for a fresh, clean scent.

The above are tried and true ways to keep your home fresh and clean. Your pets are your family and while the steps provided may seem to be a lot, but once you get into the hang of it, soon it will become second nature.

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