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Claudia Lee Biography 1996-

From the time she took her first steps at the age of 9 months, has had a passion for performing and parents who encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Born in Lafayette, Indiana on June 20, 1996, Claudia Lee Mirkowski was taking ballet lessons before her 3rd birthday. By the time she was 8, she decided that she wanted to learn the native language of her Polish-American immigrant father. He happily embraced the idea and accommodated his daughter’s wishes, sending her to a private school in Pozna?, Poland that summer. Five years and many classroom hours later, Claudia is conversational in Polish and gladly translates for her American-born mother, if needed.

At age 13, Claudia embarked on a journey that would change the course of her life. While studying acting and filmmaking at the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) summer camp in Vermont, her roommate introduced her to Harry Abrams, president of the Abrams Artists Agency. The prestigious talent agency offered to represent Claudia, and with her mother accompanying her, she relocated to Los Angeles in January, 2010.

During her first seven weeks in California, Claudia filmed a national Comcast commercial with Zachary Levi (Chuck, Less Than Perfect). Her summer was filled with other exciting auditions and meetings with producers. One of Claudia’s first accomplishments, after the Comcast commercial, was landing a role in the short film The Circus Girl, in which she played “”Elizaveta” a young Russian villain traveling with a struggling circus family. This challenging role helped solidify Claudia’s determination to pursue a career in film.

Shortly after completing The Circus Girl, Claudia won her most prominent role to date, in Season 3 of the popular sitcom Zeke and Luther, which airs throughout the world on Disney XD and the Disney Channel. As the character “Bridget,” a waitress at a donut shop, Claudia played the love interest of “Luther” (Adam Hicks), allowing her to demonstrate her comedic acting abilities.

In 2011, Claudia was cast as “Magnolia Breeland,” the younger sister of “Lemon Breeland” (Jaime King), on the CW series Hart of Dixie, which will enter its second season October 2, 2012. Claudia has described her character as “standing up for what she believes in; a very strong-willed person.” In that respect, you could say Magnolia is similar to the that portrays her.

Despite being busy with acting and school, Claudia continued her passion for music, and began working with producer Max DiCarlo (Elton John, Donna Summer, RBD). In November 2010, she released her first single and music video, It Gets Better, inspired by the It Gets Better Project, a national campaign against bullying. In February, 2012, she released her debut country music album, It Gets Better, featuring the single Hollywood Sunset and the follow-up single 3 Leaf Clover, a country-rap song that is fun and unique and one of the few of its kind in country music. Soon she will release her third single, Take My Hand.

Whether she is acting or singing, Claudia believes in working hard, but does not take herself too seriously. With a healthy balance of creativity, humility and humor, she is having fun in a challenging business, and looking forward to each new adventure. As Faze Magazine wrote, “Hollywood may be bustling with bubbly blondes, but none quite like Claudia Lee.”

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