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Clare Carey Biography 1967-

Lithe, attractive supporting film and television player exhibited a tremendous versatility that enabled her to portray either romantic heroines or suburban wife-and-mother types with equal effectiveness. She began her career stint in front of the cameras in exploitation-type outings, including Zombie High (1987) and Waxwork (1988), then moved into telemovies (Obsessed, 1992) and occasional television pilots (Them, 1996). By the following decade, however, Carey began to turn up in A-list Hollywood features, notably including the 2007 action yarn Smokin’ Aces. Carey also essayed one of the leads in the direct-to-video sequel Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House (2002); she played Kate McAllister, Kevin McAllister’s mother (a role inherited from Catherine O’Hara).

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