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Chrishell Stause Biography 1981-

Chrishell-StauseAmerican was born on september 21, 1981 in Draffenville, Kentucky. The part-Japanese and part-Spanish actress graduated with a theater degree in the Murray commonwealth University in Murray, Kentucky in 2003. She produced her carrying out debut in 2005, when she joined the cast of All My Children. There, she plays the character of Amanda Dillon, originated from Alexis Manta.

The daughter of Trevor (James Kiberd) and Janet Dillon (Robin Mattson), she is sly, cunning and manipulative, yet trustworthy to those who she deems deserves it. The family moved to Colorado and Amanda returned to Pine Valley in 2005. JR was drunk when he obtained into an accident regarding Amanda. Babe took the fall for JR, thus heightening the level of enmity between her and Amanda. when the accident she began experiencing black outs and memory flashes of undesirable things that had occurred. She suspected that she was responsible regarding all the undesirable things that had happened. She confessed her blackouts to Josh Madden who later framed her up regarding a crime she was merely ordered to commit. When her mother was accused on the crimes going on in Pine Valley, Amanda nevertheless stood via her mother’s side and defended her out of maternal loyalty.

She lately wrapped up production regarding her first motion picture, the drama Scaring the Fish.


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