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Charlotte Ross Biography 1968-

A fair-haired who ultimately parlayed her photogenic looks into a healthy and substantial career in both film and television venues, grew up in affluent Winnetka, IL, as the daughter of a saleswoman mother in a single-parent household. Ross graduated almost immediately to acting work, initially stepping before the cameras in late adolescence with small supporting roles in such features as Touch and Go (1986), Foreign Student (1994), and Love and a .45 (1994), but found far greater exposure on the small screen. She essayed the lead role of Lori Volpone on the Showtime pay-cable series Beggars and Choosers (1999-2001), then embarked on a multi-season portrayal of Detective Connie McDowell on Steven Bochco’s gritty cop drama NYPD Blue. After that high-profile role, Ross returned to big-screen features in a lead capacity, this time, with roles in Donny Most’s comedy Moola (2006) and Mike Robe’s family drama Montana Sky (2007).

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