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Charlotte Milchard Biography 1977-

Charlotte was born December 13, 1977 in Barking, UK but actually spent the early years of her childhood living in Asia when her father’s work as a scientist led the family to travelling the majority of the world, starting in Asia. This was where she had her first taste of acting, getting involved in various productions every semester at the International School that she attended in Jakarta, Indonesia. So indeed this ‘acting bug’ hit her early.

During this time, she experienced many wonderful sights and met a volume of amazing people, all of which has added to creating the person that she is today…..

This ‘friend’ that she met in Thailand when she was five years old, “is one that I’ll never forget!”

The other memory that will remain with her always was staying for three nights on the daunting Krakatoa volcano, climbing to the top by day and back down by nightfall, to lie under mosquito nets, watching the stars until morning.

Returning back to the UK in 1985, she continued with her schooling, living in Billericay, Essex attending the St Peter’s Primary School until she was eleven when the Milchard family upped and left Essex to move to Canterbury, Kent. Charlotte then went to the Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls where in her final year, she landed the title role of Daisy in ‘Daisy Pulls It Off’ – alas “I was never going to get recover from this ‘acting bug’! I knew this was for life!!”

After finishing her A-Levels, drama school was calling! London …… At eighteen, she moved to Stepney Green, East London to train at The Academy Drama School on a one-year course designed to prepare young actors who wanted to train on a three- year drama course. Charlotte adored every minute of her time there and indeed, wanted more! She then auditioned for full-time drama schools and was offered several places at different prestigious schools in London, however, the famous Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, was the place that she decided to accept. She trained there on their Actors Course for three years…..

Charlotte graduated from Italia Conti in 2000, with a degree in Acting, a few months early as she was offered her first Equity theatre contract in her final year.

Since graduating, she has set up her own theatre company, Two’s Company Theatre Group Ltd, with a fellow actor, Ben Glanfield whom she met whilst training at Italia Conti. Together they have starred in and produced two productions in London, UK to date, both to critical acclaim.

Charlotte later then ventured to the US where she trained at the TVI Actors Studio in New York and Los Angeles.

“I’ve craved and enjoyed a variety of acting work in film, theatre and musical theatre – embracing a ‘cocktail’ of characters.”

Charlotte continues to enjoy the life of an , in the UK and the US.

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