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Chanel L’Ete Papillon

Chanel-L-Ete-Papillon presents a summer collection of makeup L’Ete Papillon, inspiring us to paint the coming summer weekdays in saturated colors from the wings of tropical butterflies.

The makeup artists on the French brand declare with confidence that summer is on its way, as they create the explosion of wealthy colors, disguise our eyelids with glittering shadows and eyelashes with colored mascara, and moisturize our lips with a abundant lip gloss. All of this will repeat the spectacular images on the promo photos. The new collection includes a waterproof mascara, an eye shadow pencil, a waterproof eyeliner, a nail polish, a lipstick and a lip gloss.

The L’Ete Papillon makeup collection will appear on sale on May TWELVE. We hope that there will be no snowdrifts by this time, and we will apply colored mascara on the eyelashes and dip on the bright colors of summer.

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