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Celebrity Diets & Tips

A model’s career tends to be relatively short but very stressful – always in the spotlight, always having to look good, and always ready to jump on the next flight to a photoshoot on the other side of the world.

Models, musicians, actors and singers all fall into the same category when it comes to weight loss.

How do you lose those extra pounds when you’re preparing to go on tour, need to be on the red carpet, or are flying to meet a photographer in some exotic location?

Jessica Alba

From the early age of 12 Jessica Alba decided to modify her so she wouldn’t follow in the foot steps of her heavily overweight family. She eats a balanced and shies away from eating carbs to keep her body in svelte shape for many of her more revealing roles.

Jessica sticks to a regime of lean meats, vegetables, egg whites and cottage cheese, and snacks on dried fruit and frozen yogurt to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer stays fit by exercising and eating a balanced diet. Everything in moderation is her motto! She doesn’t drink alcohol at all and When she does need to lose weight she cuts back on her carbs.

Jennifer incorporates regular cardio and weight resistance training into her life. I suppose with no hangover to deal with, she’s always in top form for an exercise routine..


The queen of celebrity weight loss. She avoids carbs like the plague, including bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. She also works out everyday – she’s testament to the fact that dieting isn’t easy, but if you work hard you can do it.

Oprah said recently, “My one regret in life is wasting years trying to control my weight.” Well it looks like she has it all figured out now.

Heidi Klum

Heidi put in a huge effort to lose 30lbs in the first 6 months after her pregnancy, and now she looks better than ever. So how did she stay motivated?

She took photographs of herself in the buff every week, to keep track of the way her body was changing, and kept them together so she could see her progress. Its a great idea, just remember to keep them locked away somewhere safe!

Angelina Jolie

A strict protein-rich diet of lean meats and fish, plus lots and lots of water. Eating more high quality protein is one celebrity weight loss tip that we should all take note of.

Angelina has also dined on cockroaches, crickets and bee larvae for various TV shows and movies – all excellent sources of protein. Don’t worry though, we don’t all need to go that far to stay slim!

Carrie Underwood

Country singer Carrie Underwood has really made some changes to her diet. She’s managed to drop 20 pounds since first appearing on American Idol, and she’s keep it off. She moniters her healthy low calorie healthy diet by keeping a food diary.

Carrie, as many of us do, tends to diet by day and binge by night. With a food diary she can check her notes and see how many calories consumed during the day to see how much leeway she has to munch on at night. Remember to log your drinks!

Her workout routine consists of 30 minutes cadio followed by reps of free weights. To pass the time on the cardio machine she talks on the phone and listens to her favorite tunes.

Janet Jackson

Janet’s dramatic weight loss in 2006 captured the attention of the world. Besides a full exercise routine, she has a personal nutritionist who determines her diet.

She drinks 2-3 custom-tailored liquid meals each day, containing all the nutrients she needs. As her diet progressed, she introduced vegetables, berries and frozen fruit.

Christie Brinkley

One of the world’s first supermodels should know how to keep in shape! Christie stays trim with a strict policy of keeping all junk food out of the house.

When she wants to snack, she doesn’t go to the snack drawer to gorge on sweets and chocolate – she chops up sweet potatoes, bakes them with a drop of olive oil, and dips them into some light mayonnaise.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon controls her calories and portions by eating jars of baby food. It’s a great idea as top quality baby food is tasty and nutritionally dense. It’s also very convenient as a snack – take it with you when you’re on the go.

Marcia Cross is another fan – instead of eating fruit candy, follow her lead and replace it with a healthy pot of strawberry-banana puree. Just remember to leave some for the kids!

Cheryl Cole

This talented Brit needs to stay skinny for her dual career as songstress and TV presenter. She does it by steering clear of carbs such as past and bread.

“I’ll try not to eat carbohydrates, but I believe you should pig out once a week. I usually pig out on a Sunday because that’s my hangover day.” reveals the singer.

Ashley Judd

The star of A Time To Kill and De-Lovely eats no dairy products at all. Some people can’t imagine a breakfast without real milk, but Ashley puts Soya milk in her cereal instead.

Her weight loss regime starts each day with hot water and lemon to get her metabolism going. Some dieters add a little cayenne pepper to really kickstart their day.

Leona Lewis

This stunning English songstress had a beautiful figure even before she found stardom as winner of British TV show, The X Factor.

To keep the weight from piling on, Leona likes to find exercise that she enjoys. She avoids the gym, instead focusing on classes like belly dancing to stay trim.

Claudia Schiffer

This blonde bombshell from Germany eats nothing but fruit before noon. Although fruit can contain a lot of sugar, its a great way to hydrate yourself in the mornings.

After a light lunch, she then has a healthy dinner of salad and steamed vegetables. Claudia deals with hunger pangs by snacking on tomato juice, black grapes and herbal tea. She sticks to 3 meals a day to keep a healthy metabolism.

Demi Moore

Demi needs to stay in shape more than most of us – she has a much younger husband to please!

This talented actress drinks herbal tea to curb her appetite between meal times. She also stays healthy by taking vitamins with her tea between meals.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer was one of the first celebrities to use The Zone to stay in shape. The way she is looking better with every new year proves that its working for her.

She lost 30lbs by adopting this popular diet and cutting out mayonnaise, sandwiches and fried food. Jennifer is also a yoga fanatic and never looks less than healthy and fit when seen in public.

Drew Barrymore

Drew battled with weight problems earlier in her career, but her starring roles in the Charlies Angels movies showed what great shape she’d in now.

She sticks to a sensible 3 meals a day, and deals with hunger pangs by snacking on Diet Coke or low fat Jell-O.

For exercise she makes sure that she enjoys herself – by going jogging, dancing and playing crazy golf!

Salma Hayek

As a mother and one of the world’s most beautiful women, Salma Hayek has quite a balancing act to pull off.

Salma doesn’t religiously follow any particular diet. However, if she overindulges, she restricts her calories for a few days by skipping dinner and getting a early night’s sleep.


With such a busy schedule Fergie orders her meals delivered by Diet Designs. She also forces down 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each day.

This home remedy tonic has been used for 10,000 years for a variety of problems. It is also thought to speed metabolism, break down fat and even block fat formation.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling gained 40 pounds from her recent pregnancy. She has already dramatically dropped it all and then some, thanks to the new advanced Nutrasystem plan.

She loves the taste, diversity, and convenience of this diet plan and is now the celebrity spokesmodel for The Nutrasystem Diet.

Pamela Anderson

This Baywatch star and animal rights activist brushes her teeth whenever she gets junk food cravings.

Why? Because there’s nothing like a clean set of teeth to curb your appetite.

Paris Hilton

Paris makes sure to drink a bottle of mineral water before eating a meal.

Not only does this reduce her appetite and stop her from over-ordering, it also prevents overeating and reduces her calorie intake during the meal.

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