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Carole Samaha Biography 1972-

Carole-Samaha is the very Unique complete Arabic artist who masters the rules of singing, acting and dancing. She is a Lebanese artist born in Beirut. Since she was a child, she has showed a great passion for acting. At school, she used to write plays and to gather her friends to act in them. She thus created her first plays. Her energy, inventiveness, and talent caught her teachers’ attention.

Carole had the opportunity to take part in many kids’ shows and was noticed thanks to her great voice. In 1999, Carole obtained a Master’s degree in acting thanks to her family’s support and her talent. Her career started when she met Mansour Rahabani. In fact, he assigned her the leading female role (Theodora) in the Musical play “The Last Days Of Socrates” written by him and directed by Marwan Rahabani. Later on, she played in four other plays produced by the Rahabani brothers.

Carole Samaha started her musical career in 2003 by releasing an album entitled “Helm”. The same year she won the Golden Murex award of the multi talented Arab artist of the year. In 2004, she obtained another award- the best Arab new female voice award at the Arab Music festival award in Dubai- just after releasing her second album “Ana Hurra”. In this way, she rose to a new level of fame and stardom in the Arab world.

In 2006, she released a third Album “Adwae El Shohra”. 2007, was an exceptional year for her as her album was considered as the best album of the year at the Cairo Cinema and Art Festival. She was also assigned the leading role in the “Zenobia” musical of Mansour Rahabani. She furthermore recorded a bestselling exclusive duet with Marwan Alkhoury: “Ya Rabb”, and was chosen as the Pepsi representative in the Middle East.

In 2008, Carole started an Arab Musical Tour. In addition, she was nominated as a one peace Ambassador and had the honor to be the first Arabic to perform in Caesar’s palace – Canada. She also performed in the Opera House of Detroit Michigan, the Rosemount theater of Chicago and Las Vegas Casino. Moreover, Carole also went on an Australian Tour.

In 2009, she went on a Us Tour, and an Arab Tour. In December, of the same year she released her fourth album “Hodoudy El Sama” and achieved a huge success in her artistic life by founding her own production company “La Carma” The title of her last album translated into English means “The Sky Is My Limit”. Carole seems to say I am very ambitious and my talent doesn’t have limits.

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