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CariDee English Biography 1985-

CariDee-English was born in the year 1985 and is from Fargo, North Dakota. Before she became a finalist on America’s Next Top , Cycle 7, she was working as photographer. For 15 years, CariDee had to live with the terrible disease, psoriasis, and was certain that she would never be able to make a name for herself in the fashion industry as a , and had contemplated about taking her own life. She was finally able to control the disease by getting weekly injections of Raptiva. Her older brother coined her unusual name; it is a combination of the names Carrie, from Little House on the Prairie, and Dee, which belonged to their grandmother.

As a Finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, CariDee was most known for her energetic and loud personality. Her talents also led her to win the acting challenge, which garnered her a guest appearance on the popular CW teen drama series, One Tree Hill . She was able to make it all the way to the Top 2 with Melrose Bickerstaff, but without hitting a couple of low points along the way. During the photo shoot at a bullfighting arena in Spain, CariDee made a rather crude comment, from which renowned photographer Nigel Barker took offense. She also almost contracted hypothermia during the “Water Nymphs” photo shoot, as all of the girls were made to float in ice-cold water. Nevertheless, CariDee was always able to deliver good photographs, and her performance during the final runway challenge was enough to convince the judges that she truly deserved the title of America’s Next Top Model.

Having won the competition, CariDee automatically received a contract from CoverGirl Cosmetics and Elite Models, and has been featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, in which she also appeared on a six-page spread. She is currently residing at the Elite Model House in New York City. CariDee is also the first natural blonde to win the competition.

After ANTM, English has recently signed on to be the spokesperson for the National Psoariasis Foundation to spread awareness about the disease. She had been diagnosed with psoriasis when she was young.

In May of 2008, Caridee was hospitalized with dehydration. She was quickly released and got back to work. She has since appeared in the cover of Allure, in addition to some charity print work for the NOH8 Campaign. She also took a turn as the host of MTV’s Scarred and Oxygen’s Pretty Wicked.

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