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Camille Mana Biography 1983-

A native of ritzy Orange County, CA, did early screen work that prompted East West magazine to list her as one of the ten most promising Asian Americans to watch in 2008. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley who graduated in only six semesters, Mana commenced formal dramatic training under the leadership of Cameron Thor, learned standup comedy at the hands of Steve Kaplan and Judy Carter, and attended such institutions as the Upright Citizens Brigade (where she honed her improvisational skills), Centerstage L.A., and the Young Actors Brigade. Mana subsequently landed a development deal with NBC Universal and starred in a string of low-budget features before graduating to a memorable supporting role — that of Carnegie-Mellon student Missy Chin — in Noam Murro’s quirky seriocomedy Smart People (2008). She followed this up with a supporting role in the teen comedy College (2008).

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