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Busy Philipps Biography 1979-

With her memorable performance as tough but sympathetic rebel teen Kim Kelly in the critically praised but criminally short-lived series Freaks and Geeks, crafted one of the most compelling young characters in contemporary television. In addition to later serving as something of a life-support system for the rapidly expiring teen drama Dawson’s Creek, Philipps has gone on to make a name for herself in such features as the Columbine-influenced Home Room and the 2004 comedy White Chicks as well. Born Elizabeth Jean Philipps in Oak Park, IL, the active youngster was quickly dubbed “Busy” for her seemingly boundless energy and sociability. A role as Wilber the Pig in a grade-school production of Charlotte’s Web eventually lead to Philipps being voted Best of her class in her senior yearbook. The ambitious screen prospect went on to take classes at the Acting Lab of Arizona, where she would write and produce a pair of successful plays. Philipps subsequently refined her skills by studying at England’s Oxford School of Drama before making a name for herself in community theater around the Scottsdale area, with her first professional gig coming with a role as a real-life Barbie doll at Mattel’s Toy Fair convention in New York. Philipps role in Freaks and Geeks did wonders for her exposure, regardless of the endearing show’s remarkably short lifespan, and in the years that followed, she continued to impress in such features as Anatomy of a Hate Crime and Home Room. Many viewed Philipps’ involvement with Dawson’s Creek as something of a breath of fresh air for the somewhat stale series, with simultaneous appearances in the Freaks and Geeks follow-up series Undeclared proving a welcome opportunity to work with old friends. In 2004, Philipps took a supporting role opposite Jaime King in the Shawn and Marlon Wayans comedy White Chicks.

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