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Bruce Willis Unloads On ‘Embarrassment’ Mitt Romney

revealed his thoughts on in a recent interview, describing the GOP presidential hopeful as a “disappointment” and an “.”

The feature, which was published today on Esquire.com, shows Willis — who once publicly backed George H.W. Bush — as frustrated with the state of the current Republican party.

“He’s just such a disappointment, an embarrassment. Chin up, hair up,” Willis says of Romney. “He’s just one of those guys, one of those guys who says he’s going to change everything. And he’ll get in there, and they’ll smile at him and introduce themselves: ‘We’re Congress, we make sure nothing changes.’ He won’t do it. He can’t. Everybody wants to be Barack Obama. And what did he change?”

Willis also said he doesn’t believe Romney can win, but added that he doesn’t really care.

According to THR, Willis’ political views have often shifted. He supported Democrat Michael Dukakis in 1988 before throwing his weight behind both Presidents Bush. By 2006, however, he was telling reporters that though he was “always being accused of being a Hollywood Republican,” he was not.

The “Die Hard” and “Sixth Sense” actor has advocated for families who adopt foster children for over a decade and partnered with the Bush family on that cause. Earlier this year, he announced plans to donate his central Idaho ski resort to a nonprofit, if he can find one that meets his requirements.

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