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Brittany Oldehoff Biography 1989-

Brittany-OldehoffThe 5’11’ hails via Fort Lauderdale, FL and has been modeling since her mother saw her potential at age TEN. She continued to pursue the career in college, later appearing on fashion spreads within a number of magazines. She has been seen on Level, Ego Moda, Mama and Maxim, and on ads to the Foot. Lauderdale movie Festival.

Admittedly goofy and sarcastic, Brittany lists Oscar de la Renta’s productions as a single from the top modeling gigs she’s had so far. Aside by her runway work, nevertheless, she’s also studying law and criminal justice at Broward College.

Still, her dreams of modeling stay on her mind. She auditioned as a contestant on Project Runway’s sister show, Models via the Runway and obtained accepted. Both series air on the Living Network, and pits the contestants versus 1 another to win the lid award.

The 15 models were paired with a designer through the show, however Models of the Runway will feature more scenes regarding the backstage drama that occurs through the competition. Every single model will share their perspective, via the tears on the laughs they all experienced while being on the series. She placed fourth overall in the competition.


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