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Brittany Mason Biography 1986-

Brittany embarked on the fashion industry when she was only 14 years old. She was as a small town girl with big dreams. She now walks the runway, appears in commercials and print ads all over the world. Brittany has been the face for campaigns to many notable company’s including John Frieda Go Blonder, Virgin Airlines, Herbal Essences, Warren Tricomi, Kerestase, The Palms, STK, and FORD. She has
appeared in several publications for Maxim, 944, Vegas Player magazine, Icon, and Supermodels Unlimited. She has worked with some of the top designers including but not limited to Yves Saint Laurent, Richie Rich, Ferragamo, Bebe, Zac Posen, Ivana Helsinki, Klienfields NY, Sherri Hill, and Sachika. As well as appearing in Maxim Maga zine, Brittany has also been a brand ambassador and host to the empire.

At age 17 she represented the United States at the Top of the World competition in Germany. As the youngest contestant, and out of 52 of the most beautiful women in the world, she placed 2nd. Brittany later went on to win what is more widely known in the United States as USA and finished in 7th place at Donald Trumps competition, Miss USA.

Add brains to beauty because Brittany is the total package. In 2008, she joined forces with Chelsea Clinton on the campaign tour for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary and soon after joined President Obama’s campaign. As a firm believer in community service, Brittany is a philanthropist at heart. While still in High School Brittany took the initiative in launching an anti-bullying/school violence prevention
campaign. set an unprecedented service record as Miss Indiana USA. She dedicated her whole year to helping others and in just one month alone she worked with over 30,000 children.

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