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Britta Phillips Biography 1963-

left home at the age of 16. The singer/bassist moved to New York soon after, getting involved in show business while playing a role alongside Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson in the movie Satisfaction, followed by a guest appearance on the TV show Crime Story. She also made waves as the voice of cartoon pop star Jem.

In the music field, Jody Porter joined her to assemble the indie rock outfit the Belltower. They settled in London in 1990, and made their debut with the release of an EP called Exploration Day after signing up with Ultimate Records. Hollow, Flight, and their debut album Popdropper were issued before the group disbanded in 1996.

After playing along with Ultrababyfat and singer/ Ben Lee, Britta Phillips joined the alternative pop/rock band Luna. She and Luna frontman Dean Wareham issued L’Avventura through Jetset in June 2003. The album was a breezy mixture of originals and standards.

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