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Brit Marling Biography 1982-

brit-marling-photoBrit Marling was born on 7 August 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The studied theater in high school, but it was not until her college years when her filmmaking career began. While majoring in economics and studio art at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Marling wrote and acted in various student films. She took a break from college to shoot the documentary “Boxers and Ballerinas” with her friend and fellow filmmaker Mike Cahill in 2004. Shot over a two-year period, the film followed a quartet of young athletes – a boxer and a ballerina living in Havana, Cuba, and a boxer and a ballerina exiled in Miami, FL – trying to achieve their life goals in the midst of the U.S.-Cuban Communist conflict. Variety described the documentary as a “confident feature debut” for Marling and Cahill. The following year, she graduated valedictorian from Georgetown and landed a job as an investment-banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. Marling discovered her heart was not in finance and decided to pursue filmmaking full time.

Brit made a splash at the with two films in 2011, playing a cult leader in and a scientist with personal demons in . That same year, Marling made her television-acting debut with a guest appearance on the comedy series “Community” (NBC, 2009- ). Her latest movie is , her co-stars are Ellen Page and Alexander Skasgard in the movie.

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