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Bijou Phillips Biography 1980-

The daughter of 1960s rock star John Phillips (of The Mamas and The Papas) and South African model Genevieve Waite, is a life-in-the-fast-lane celebrity along the lines of her pals Paris  and Nicky Hilton. Surrounded by New York wealth and celebrity, her teen years were filled with modelling (for Calvin Klein), nightclub parties and drug addiction, and Bijou made a reputation for herself in the tabloids as a girl gone wild, all by the time she was 18. In 1999 she released her own confessional pop album, I’d Rather Eat Glass, and appeared in the James Toback film Black and White, earning mostly positive reviews for both. She then appeared in the films Almost Famous (2000, with Kate Hudson) and The Door in the Floor (2004, with Mimi Rogers). Since then she’s appeared in Choke (2008, starring Sam Rockwell), and carved out a niche in cheap horror movies like Venom  (2005), The Wizard of Gore (2007), Hostel Pt. II (2007) and It’s Alive (2008).

Her half-siblings include Chynna Phillips, of the pop group Wilson Phillips, and Mackenzie Phillips, who appeared in the movie American Graffiti and the 1970s TV series One Day at a Time… Over the years Bijou has been romantically linked to Sean Lennon (son of John Lennon), Leonardo DiCaprio and Elijah Wood.

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