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Bess Armstrong Biography 1953-

Outgoing, athletic American attended Brown University, then headed off to New York to inaugurate a stage career. Bess and Lynnie Greene were starred in the 1977 sitcom On Our Own, one of the last comedy programs to be taped in Manhattan. Movie offers began sprouting up afterwards: The Four Seasons (1981), in which Bess was costarred with Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Jack Weston and Sandy Dennis, represents Ms. Armstrong’s best screen work to date. The 1983 adventure High Road to China was intended to transform Bess and costar Tom Selleck into action-movie stars, but failed. Since that time, has made films for both theatrical and direct-to-TV release, and has costarred in a brace of television series: All is Forgiven (1986) and Married People (1990).

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