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Belinda Bauer Biography 1950-

Australian achieved her brief movie stardom in two interrelated 1979 films. She co-starred as the oversexed wife of nice-guy-turned-louse Jeff Bridges in the filmed-in-Germany The American Success Company (1979), directed by William Richert. The international backers of this film were so impressed by the results that they bankrolled Richert for a second production, Winter Kills (1979); again appearing opposite Jeff Bridges, Bauer appeared in the second film as his love interest. The actress’ last top-billed assignment was in the offbeat “motorcycle western” Time Rider (1983). The same year, was among the supporting cast of Flashdance (1983), playing the wife of unfaithful Michael Nouri; seven years later, Bauer could be found halfway down the cast list as Dr. Belinda Faxx in Robocop 2 (1990).

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