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Beau Garrett Biography 1982-

Beau Jessie Garrett was born in Beverly Hills, California, on December 28th, 1982. While she and her sister were growing up in the Santa Monica area, Garrett was an avid amateur equestrian rider. We can definitely picture her in riding breeches (at a legal age, of course). Her fortunes changed when an agent from Elite Modeling Agency stopped her in a mall and encouraged her to try modeling. Just before starting high school, Garrett inked a contract and began her new life as a model.

In addition to her deal with Elite Model Management, Garrett also became affiliated with Vision Los Angeles, Why Not Model Agency and Priscillas Model Management. While the rest of us were working at the mall food court and the local car wash in high school, Garrett was making sick amounts of cash in print modeling, eventually as a face for Guess? in the late 1990s and continuing on with other companies like CosmoGirl, Double D Ranch, American Eagle Outfitters, and Sisley. Although she enjoyed the work overall, Garrett didn’t feel that it was a healthy long-term choice for women, so she decided to expand her career in a different direction.

Looking to break into the acting arena, got her first break in 2004 with a guest spot on the TV series North Shore (featuring everyone’s favorite mean girl Shannen Doherty). Next up was a two-episode stint as Fiona, one of Adrian Grenier’s conquests on the hit show Entourage. Garrett carried the momentum forward with roles on two Head Cases starring Chris O’Donnell, and the WB series Rocky Point.

Unfortunately for Garrett, Head Cases and Rocky Point were both canceled early on, but the latter did introduce her to writer-director John Stockwell. He saw something in the young star (we’re going go out on a limb and wager that that something was her hotness) and cast her as doomed tourist in Brazil in his 2006 horror film, Turistas. The cast also featured Josh Duhamel, Melissa George and Olivia Wilde. Garrett held her own against them and followed the movie up with a guest appearance on the TV’s Wildfire before returning to movies with 2007’s dark satire, Live!, featuring the talents of AskMen.com’s favorite woman of 2009, Eva Mendes, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The summer of 2007 gave Beau Garrett her most visible role yet in the high-powered superhero sequel, Fantastic Four: Revenge of the Silver Surfer. In it she played Frankie, a military girl who gets mixed up with The Human Torch (Chris Evans). A year later, Garrett was back on summer screens with a supporting role in the romantic comedy Made of Honor, top-lined by Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. She also earned a lead role that year in the dueling pianists drama, Ivory.

Now modeling for Revlon with Halle Berry and Jessica Alba between her film assignments, Garrett also has two movie roles on the horizon. In 2009, she’ll be seen in the thriller Kalamity, about a tense conflict between two friends (Nick Stahl and Jonathan Jackson). Further down the road in 2011, she will star in Tron 2.0, the highly-anticipated sequel to the original cult hit, in which she’ll reunite with her Turistas co-star, Olivia Wilde. Hot.

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