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Baskin-Robbins Offers Free Sundaes

Baskin-RobbinsEverybody likes . Everybody likes getting things for free. So it follows, in intuitive if not strictly logical terms, that pretty much everyone likes free .

Luckily for pretty much everyone, then, , the world’s largest chain of ice cream parlors, is giving out free(ish) ice cream every Wednesday until the end of March.

If you buy a Two-Scoop Sundae at a Baskin-Robbins outpost anywhere in the U.S. on these 11 Wednesdays, you get another one free. Baskin-Robbins’ suggested retail price for a Two-Scoop Sundae is $4.19, so the limited time offer either saves you $4.19, if you were planning on buying two sundaes anyway, or gets you A LOT of ice cream for about four bucks.

Beware, though: the offer doesn’t apply to other kinds of sundaes served at Baskin-Robbins, such as Three-Scoop Sundaes or Banana Splits. Just the two-scooper. Still, it sure beats waiting around for your birthday for Baskin-Robbins to give you one measly cone for free.

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