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Barbie Dolls

The was invented in 1959 by (co-founder of ), whose own daughter was called Barbara. Barbie was introduced to the world at the American Fair in New York City. The doll was intended to be a teenage fashion doll. There has been some controversy over Barbie’s figure when it realized that if Barbie was a real person her measurements would be an impossible 36-18-38. The Ken doll was named after Ruth’s son. Barbie first had bendable legs in 1965.

Ruth Handler
After fighting breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy in 1970 Ruth Handler, one of the creators of the Barbie Doll, surveyed the market for a suitable prosthetic breast. Disappointed in the options available, she set about designing a replacement breast that was more similar to a natural one. In 1975, Handler received a patent for Nearly Me, a prosthesis made of material close in weight and density to natural breasts.

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