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Bar Paly Biography 1969-

was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. She led an average life as a young girl, and as a teenager she became a bit of a rebel. She broke rules and worried her parents often. She wasn’t allowed to go out by herself, and only on very rare occasions was she allowed to venture out with just she and her friends. Even still, when she experimented with smoking, for example, mom and dad found out as soon as she got home. No wonder she left home at such a young age.

Bar Paly was soon signed by a modeling agency in her native Israel. When she was just 17 years old, she moved to Milan to pursue modeling there and was signed by a second agency. Mere days later, she got fed up with Spain and took off to Berlin, Germany without telling anyone. Her reps in Israel and Milan, and obviously her parents, had no idea where she was for almost seven days. Apparently, her parents were so distraught that they even phoned the Israeli embassy to help in the search of their daughter.

Bar Paly, in the midst of pursuing modeling, also decided to dabble in acting, and she got herself small roles on a variety of Israeli television shows like Zehirut Matzlema in 2003. After becoming one of the spokesmodels of Canadian brand Silver Jeans in 2004, she made her first appearance on English TV on the short-lived comedy Filthy Gorgeous, starring Isabella Rossellini,  in 2006.

She also worked on an episode of the hit TV drama CSI: NY, starring Gary Sinise, in 2007.

In 2008, Bar Paly appeared in one hell of a sexy spread in Maxim magazine. The photo shoot gained Bar Paly more mainstream exposure in the world of modeling.

She also worked on honing her acting skills and appeared in three 2008 films: The Ruins, Stiletto and Hyenas.

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