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Ayda Field Biography 1979-

Ayda-FieldBrit musician Robbie Williams began dating Ayda Fields in 2006. Before losing out to be a stand-up comic in Hollywood, Ayda was studying law and political science at university. She then took executing classes and obtained herself few little roles on TV, including the Channel FOUR comedy-drama Studio 58 On The Sunset Strip, and was furthermore seen on the US daytime soap Days Of Our Lives. Ayda was introduced to Robbie Williams in May 2006 via mutual buddies in LA, and started dating. Ayda has also appeared with Robbie of the 2009 motion picture for his hit single Bodies. It was reported that the Angels singer even proposed to his girlfriend live on an Australian radio programme. Though, the stunt was laughed off a joke from Williams’ spokesperson, but the pair acquired married only seven months later.

After four years of relationship, both happily received married at their Los Angeles residence in August 2010. And, now the news of the hour is, Robbie Williams has announced that he is to end up being a father towards the first time as wife Ayda is expecting their first bavia. In to a normally comical announcement, the singer, 38, revealed that his wife , 32, is pregnant. He further wrote, ‘Hey friendlies, I’ve been maintaining a secret from you all. Me and Ayda will be a Mummy and Daddy this year! And, comically he further exclaimed with joy that both had sex and it worked. As Robbie said, ‘We’ve seen scans and cried… looked at babies in commercials and teared up… the nursery is currently planned. ‘Basically I’m in love with a tiny person flourishing in mummy’s belly… and can’t wait to be a daddy. Crying now. ‘Much love, much joy. It was reported that this happy news of Robbie becoming a father came as a news of the year for big variety of their fans.

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