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Audrey Marie Anderson Biography 1975-

Audrey-Marie-Anderson’s television credits are the series “Still Life” and “Going to California” and recurring roles in “Once and Again” and “Providence.” She appeared as a guest celeb within a series “Without a Trace,” on CBS, and “Point Pleasant,” and starred of the television motion picture “A Painted residence,” furthermore on CBS. Anderson’s feature film credits include “Drop Dead Sexy,” “Moonlight Mile,” “Larceny” and “The Badge.” She portrays the role of Kim Brown of the CBS series “The Unit.”

Kim Brown is Bob Brown’s wife. She had no idea of what The Unit is. She does not similar to her unexampled “neighbourhood”, nor her husband’s job. A minor afraid of dropping him, she tries to get out of the military camp she has settled in. She and Bob require a daughter, Serena.


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