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Ashley Slanina-Davies Biography 1989-

Ashley-Slanina-DaviesAshley was a newcomer to performing when she joined the cast of Hollyoaks in 2005. Playing troubled teen Amy Barnes, off-screen she’s detailed a extreme interest in charity work relating to her role.

When Amy slept with her then-boyfriend because of peer pressure, she worked with the NSPCC to speak away against other girls in authentic lifestyle creating the same. Inside a Munchausen’s storyline, Amy pretended baby Lucas had leukaemia so she might scam the community away of dollars. Ashley was so affected by this storyline that she started raising cash pertaining to cancer charity CLIC. Amy’s domestic abuse storyline inspired her to do charity work regarding Women’s Aid. She so badly ideal to get sponsored to cut her hair off to improve cash regarding CLIC that she convinced the producers to have it written into Amy’s storyline.

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