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Are You Applying Your Perfume Correctly?

perfumeWe all have our ritual — the air and dance, a dab on the wrist, and the full body spritz attack. But did you know there’s a right way to apply your favorite fragrance?

Your scent routine may even be doing more harm than good, from how it’s applied to where it’s stored. Read on to reveal how you can get the most out of your aroma.

Spray where your body radiates heat. Pulse points are behind the ears, wrists, cleavage, knees and even your elbows. These spots produce heat that will relieve the scent of your perfume all day, without irritating the elevator crowd.

Prep before getting dressed. Perfumes can stain clothes. Put on moisturizer before applying to certify an enduring smell. Let your skin dry, then get dressed.

Don’t rub anything in. Ah, the famous wrist rubbing technique. This method not only breaks down the ingredients, but actually brushes the scent off. Instead, spray your spritzer and give it a few seconds to dry.

Store properly. Sunlight and heat can damage ingredients, completely changing the odor, so store wisely!

Pay attention to the date. Every beauty product has their own specific shelf life, and it’s no different for your bottles. Most perfumes last a year, but some can fade quicker than others. Allow your nose to be the judge. If your fruity favorite no longer smells the same, it’s time to toss!

Lay off your locks You have shampoo and conditioner — amongst other products — to make your hair smell fantastic. Perfume is not one of them and can dry out your strands, so save it for your body.

Less is more. Because your pulse points tend to sweat more in warmer weather, you surprisingly need less come spring and summer.

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