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Anne Kirkbride Biography 1954-

Anne-Kirkbride, better known as Deirdre Barlow, has been a regular on ‘Coronation Street’, a long-running and very popular British television  soap opera, since 1972.  The hit show focuses on the everyday lives of working class people living Manchester, England.

After leaving school she joined the Oldham Rep. company and got her first television break in the play ‘Another Sunday and Sweet FA’.  She was spotted by Jack Rosenthal who thought she would be perfect for the role of Deirdre Hunt in ‘Coronation Street‘. Not too long after on the 20th November 1972, she made her first appearance in the hit show as the bespectacled and scratchy voiced (brought out by her life-long smoking habit) Deirdre Hunt.  Two years later in 1974, she was offered a contract to appears as a regular, where she has remained for approaching forty years and thousands of episodes.  She has done little else in the way of acting since joining the Street.

Anne was born towards the 21st June 1954 in Oldham, Lancashire, England. Her father Jack Kirkbride a cartoonist who worked of the ‘Oldham Evening Chronicle’ and following in her father‘s footsteps Anne is also a hugely talented painter.  In 1992 she married the television actor David Beckett who at 1 time played Dave Barton her on-screen love interest in ‘Coronation Street’.  Anne and David live in Didsbury and have no children.  In 1994, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer ’Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma’ from which she produced a full recovery after an intensive course of chemotherapy.  The diagnosis additionally heralded an emotional reaction causing her to slip in to a deep depression and as a impact she took different months off work.   In 1998, her lifestyle and career was released in a TV show, ‘This is Your Life’.

For almost forty years, Anne has worked a 12 hour day and hinted in a not old magazine meeting that she could quite such a to slow down. Since she was a youngster, her main athletics has been painting, spending much of her spare time indulging herself from the athletics she wants best. Many of the scenes in her painting depict white-washed buildings drenched by the  Mediterranean sun, reflective of her holiday home in Southern Spain. In 2008, encouraged by family and pals, Anne maintained her extremely first art exhibition which got a awesome deal of media attention.  Her work has been assessed as being of a extremely high standard and considered an extraordinary buy, bought at the bargain prices of between £100-£250.00, which has ehugely potential to later increase in importance.

Anne is not only a favorite with television audiences; she is also well liked by her co-workers who describe her as having a ‘wicked’ sense of humor, always telling jokes to keep their spirits up whilst on set. In May 2012, she was awarded Best in a Soap Opera, which she is said to be extremely excited about.  She has often expressed a desire not to continue working on television until she reaches old age, so who knows, perhaps she will soon decide to leave the show and spend more time painting, a desire which is believed to be close to her heart.


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