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Anna Sedokova Biography 1982-

is a famous , , TV-show host, writer and is one of the most remarkable stars in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Everything that Anna does immediately becomes popular – she knows how to grab the headlines. For example, the Russian editions of Maxim and Playboy with Anna as cover-girl are perennial bestsellers.

Anna had a challenging childhood. Her parents were divorced when she was young causing her mother to have to raise Anna and her brother in the most criminally compromised district of Kiev. The economic situation in her family was poor causing Anna to have to work since she was a teenager. Despite these obstacles, Anna devoted all of her free time to music and dance. These hobbies became the passion of her life.
At the early age of 17, Anna entered The National Culture & Art University of Ukraine. Ever since that moment her life became brighter.

Her first TV project was work as a news anchor for the music TV channel O-tv. At the age of 18 she had already worked in three TV programs: NEWS BLOK, Fashionable Life, and The Big Sunday News Digest.

In 2001 she was invited to audition for the morning show Podjem (“Waking up”), which had the highest ratings in the country, on Novyi Kanal (New Channel). Anna successfully passed the audition and became a Novyi Kanal’s anchorwoman. At the same time, she continued her studies at the University getting her Actress’s education. ‘It wasn’t easy to wake up at 4.15 am every day and to smile at the camera at 6 am, but I loved television and that job was my dream”, Anna commented on that period of her life.
Unexpectedly she received an offer that changed the course of her life. Anna left her TV-show host career and joined VIAGRA, In 2002 Anna joined VIAGRA, an extremely popular female pop band. VIAGRA has been a huge success. Among the 281 millions inhabitants of the former USSR it’s almost impossible to find a person who has never heard of the VIAGRA band. VIAGRA has been well received on the international market. During the last few years, the members have appeared on stage and TV – in interviews, photo shoots and concerts in the USA, Europe, Japan. But suddenly Anna quit band – and the VIAGRA world conquest plans were canceled. Nevertheless the bands’ singles (and videos) Stop-Stop-Stop, Don’t Leave Me, Darling, Kill My Girlfriend, Third Ocean and No More Attraction have been an overwhelming success.
That cast of VIAGRA with Sedokova as a member is still considered to be the definitive cast of the band. Anna is still consulting and providing creative ideas to VIAGRA and their management.

The reason why Anna left such a successful band was quite simple – she found out that she was expecting a baby. She took a hiatus in her career and gave birth to a lovely daughter named Alina.
“I’ve made the most important choice in my life – and it was the right choice”, Anna said. But at the time when she left VIAGRA she felt lost and unhappy in Russia. She was afraid that when you make a pause in your stage-career for a baby, a new member will replace you in the band and soon the audience will forget about you. But faith for the good and a great capacity for work have always been Anna’s main features – she’s never ever given up.

In 2006, Anna began acting in a film “The Tunguska meteorite”. The shooting was taking place for 4 months in the real taiga. Anna’s role was that of a popular singer who becomes a hostage in some mysterious woods, after the helicopter crash. This movie launched her acting career, even though she had previously appeared in a New Years movie called “Cinderella” and “The Evenings on the Homestead” based on a book by Gogol.
Her next role was a comedy one. “I love sitcoms, I like to bring joy to people”, Anna says. In 2008 she acted in “The Power of Attraction”. This comedic 110 episode series was broadcast in many countries with big success. Anna’s latest work in the movies is a film named “Moscow.ru”. This movie is about one of the most legendary cities of the world and about people’s lives, which are interconnected even in such a huge city like Moscow. The movie was shot in 2009 and will be released to the screen on February 14th, 2010.

Also Anna started a solo-singer career. Her first video for the song “My Heart” reached the top of the charts. People went crazy about her spectacular talent surpassing even her VIAGRA (NU-GRA) days.

As a result she won an “Audience Appreciation” Award at the “5 STARS” Sotchi Music Festival. Afterwards, she did a video for her song “The Very Best Girl” and “I Am Getting Used”. Both videos were huge hits in Russia and Ukraine.

But TV wouldn’t let Anna go. “TV-Star Superstar”, the most expensive show in the country’s history, went on air on the “Ukraine” Channel in 2008. Every Sunday Anna was in the live broadcast of a 3-hour show with 400 participants. Each of her appearances was bright and unforgettable. Performing style, actors’ talent and bright images brought nominations and awards to the show’s hosts. In 2009 Anna was named the best TV Anchor of the country by “Elle” magazine.
Anna’s TV career developed – she became one of the faces of First Channel, the biggest Russian-speaking channel in the world! She also became a host of the show ‘King of the Ring’.
Besides, Anna hosted “The New Songs About the the Most Essential Thing” – a big live concert in which the best 50 performers of the country participated.
All of Anna’s colleagues are unanimous in the opinion that it’s very comfortable to work with her- she is not only high-qualified, but an easygoing person.

She also took part at ‘Two Singing Stars’ and ‘Stars on Ice’ shows and entertained the public with a well received creative performance. These projects attracted tens of millions of viewers and became the highest rated shows on Russian TV.

In 2011, ANNA has become the face of PROJECT RUNWAY, Russia. Same year, “Pregnant”, a feature film with Anna as a lead, set the new record for box office in the entire post-Soviet block.

Presently, Anna is busy with tv-shows, feature films and solo-singer appearance Anna is also a Star Miss Russia.

Additionally, her first book “The Art of Seduction” is still a bestseller in Russia. The theme of this book should be of no surprise to her audience – several years in a row Anna remains receiver of ‘Sexiest Female Award’ as well as “Most beloved star” award (given to a star popular with all generations and both genders). She was also named ‘The Most Desirable Female Performer’ in Russia.

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