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Anna Chlumsky Biography 1981-

Though fourth-billed in her first film, (1991), 9-year-old advertising model was clearly the star. Playing a mortician’s daughter learning about life and love in the early 1970s, Anna made one of the more auspicious movie debuts in recent memory; she also administered the first screen kiss to juvenile superstar Macauley Culkin, an event which garnered as much press coverage as Shirley Temple’s first cinematic smooch in Miss Annie Rooney (1942). Since My Girl, Anna has not aggressively pursued a career, showing up in films evidently only when she and her parents feel like it. ’s follow-up films have included My Girl 2 (1993), Trading Mom (1994) and Golddiggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995), in which the 14-year-old performed her first stunt work.

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