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Angel Deradoorian Biography 1987-

Angel-DeradoorianVocalist and multi-instrumentalist is known primarily as a member of the progressive pop/rock band Dirty Projectors, but has also found time to pursue a solo career. Life started out unkind, though, as she nearly died at birth in 1987, her father forcefully removing the umbilical cord that was strangling her. The daughter of talented musicians, Deradoorian inherited their passion for music. But she led what she describes as a musically sheltered life, and during her high school days in California, left school prematurely to do music and tour as a teenager, returned home, and briefly attended college, all with the support of her parents. Dirty Projectors, led by Dave Longstreth, were one of the first bands she heard and saw when moving to Brooklyn, NY. Upon joining them, she attracted attention for her wide-ranging musical ideas. Her influences have included electronicists Eno, Can, or Cluster, Middle Eastern, Tunisian flute, and classical musics, pop vocal icons Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Lindsey Buckingham, as well as Led Zeppelin, Black Dice, and Daniel Higgs. At the age of 22, Deradoorian decided to make her own music after accompanying Matt Bauer and Phosphorescent as a session vocalist. Her self-produced EP, Mind Raft, from the Lovepump United label moves from acoustic guitar solos to electronica, containing songs she had worked on for five years. Her style has been described as a mix of world or ethnic fusion including Afro-beat, indie folk, psychedelic goth, nujazz, and Japanese classical musics. Deradoorian played a showcase for Lovepump United during the SXSW conference in 2008, and released a full CD in 2009.

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