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Android topples Symbian, it was only a matter of time

For years and years, it seemed like nothing would ever dethrone ’s as the top smartphone platform in the world, but thanks to ’s rising presence in the mobile community and a continuing decline from , it finally happened.

Research frm Canalys reported today that 32.9 million phones were sold in the last quarter, compared to 31 million Symbian phones, marking the first time that the Nokia platform has dipped below the 1 slot.

The news comes just days after Nokia hinted it may be open to offering phones with different operating systems installed. From day one, Nokia has only ever created phones with its own first-party software at the back end. But after multiple years of decline and failed attempts to regain strength in the US and other markets, it seems Nokia has no choice.

The company has seen numerous cutbacks and layoffs, and brought in a new CEO to try to get things back on the right path. On a global scale, it is still the leading provider of cell phones, but that’s only because it has a monopolistic presence in developing parts of the world. When you limit the scope to only “smartphones,” Nokia is indeed losing ground.

But without a doubt, today’s news is the biggest problem Nokia has ever faced. Ever since its inception, Symbian had taken the top smartphone spot. This is the first time ever it has been dethroned – a symbol of just how much the mobile market is changing.

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