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Amazing cat facts

Cats are amazing animals – full of beauty and grace. How much does the average -owner really know about his feline friend? Check out these amazing factoids and see for yourself…

  •     Just like humans have fingerprints, cats have nose prints. The nose pad of each cat is unique.
  •     Purring is not always a sign of contentment; cats also purr when they experience pain and discomfort.
  •     Compare cat age and human age. A six-month-old cat compares to a ten-year-old human. Sixteen years in cat age is equivalent to 80 years in human life.
  •     America adores cats: Americans spend more on cat food than they do on baby food.
  •     Cats are amazingly successful hunters. One in three pounces of a domestic cat result in a catch.
  •     Cats cannot taste sweet foodstuffs and chocolate is poisonous to cats.
  •     A neutered cat lives two-three years longer than unaltered cats.
  •     White cats with blue eyes are invariably deaf.
  •     Cats have personality, and the way you bring up your kitten will determine its personality for the rest of its life.
  •     Cats are capable of a hundred different sounds. The dog’s vocal capacity is limited to only ten.
  •     Cats are amazing jumpers; they can jump up to seven times their height.

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