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Alexandra Stan Biography 1989-

is a Romanian singer. She was born in Constanza, Romania on June 10, 1989. She was only 3 years old when her parents noticed her talent, and since then she received full support from them. She studied at the Traian Lyceum in Constanca and currently is studying International Relations and Romanian Law.

She participated in a lot of music contest but her best appearance was at Mamaia Festival where she impressed the audience with her beautiful and versatile voice.

The biggest step in her carrier was in 2009 when she started working with Marcel Prodan and Andrew Nemirschi from Maan Studio. They brought her in their team and they together made songs with huge impact on the Romanian public. The first two singles “Show me the way” and “Lollipop” were liked by the Romanian radios and that proved that they were a great team.
After that Alexandra was invited in a lot of TV Shows and Radio Shows, starting to create a name for herself. Her video Lollipop also known as Lollipop (Param Pam Pam) reached nearly 55 milion views on You Tube and it was  launched all over the world like: USA, Uk, Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel etc…
The singer has lots of concerts in her country and in Europe, she has performed even in Canada.

Alexandra’s biggest success until now is the single “Mr Saxobeat” which she released in autumn of 2010. The song drew a lot of attention and became the most viewed video on You Tube that week. The single reached the first places on different charts in Europe. In Italy the single reached number one position on the chart and stayed there for a while. In the United Kingdom it reached position number three being the first Romanian artist to achieve the highest charting record. In France the song peaked at position number six. Her single reached the top spot on Romanian Top 100 and stayed there for eight consecutive weeks in 2010, being the longest-running number one. It was on the fist positions also in Latin America.

Mr Saxobeat is an up-tempo dance song with house elements in it. The song features a saxophone throughout and uses some trance beats. The lyric of the song is a love message where Alexandra speaks of a man she is attracted to and the way he makes her move. The video was shot in Buftea next to Bucharest. There appears Stan as a prisoner and handcuffed from where she escapes seducing a guard.

Alexandra Stan has become one of the most successful artists in Romania and she is the third Romanian singer after Inna and Edward Maya ft Vika Jigulina that was on the top of the US Hot Dance Airplay chart. In 2011 she released another single called “Get Back (ASAP)” which has not yet reached the successes of “Mr Saxobeat” but we can say that Alexandra is on the right track and we are going to hear other great hits from this talented artist.

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