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Alexandra Gerhard-Garcia Biography 1974-

Alexandra-Gerhard-GarciaAlexandra Gerhard-García was born and grew up in Cologne, Germany, but her roots come from the Caribbean country of Venezuela, her mother’s home, and Germany, which is her father’s home and working place. One need not wonder why Gerhard-García is so close to music, it’s because all of her life she has been in contact with musicians. Her father is a well-known producer and guitarist who consistently brought music into her life, even at a very young age. When she thought about a profession, to be a professional musician was the last thing on her mind as she wanted to become a medical doctor. For a long time, she was certain about her decision, but a year before finishing her bachelor’s degree, she went from one extreme to the other. First her musical interest focused on playing piano and guitar and eventually she discovered her passion for the drumset. She remembers fondly that she had one of those small drumsets, which were designed especially for children. As she grew older, Gerhard-García spent a lot more time in her father’s studio. He built the studio in the cellar of their house and every time her father was doing recordings with drummers, she tried to check out their drumsets.

When she was 12 or 13, she started to play the drums officially, and her first teacher was not even a drummer, he was a keyboardist. After finishing her degree, Gerhard-García went to the University of Cologne to study musicology. There were some interesting things to learn, but the more time she spent there the more she realized that it wasn’t the way she wanted to go. During the same period, she was already working in the music business performing “Misa Criolla” with a big ensemble singing in the mixed choir and playing percussion. Even though involved in the business, she was thinking of finishing her studies. In 1997, she had an accident with her motorbike; after that, her life really changed. Three or four ligaments in her shoulder were ruptured and she had to start from the beginning. To perform even the easiest movement was torture. After a phase of rehabilitation and recovering her power, Gerhard-García broke off her university duties to study at the Drummers Institute in Düsseldorf, Germany. A few months later, she went to New York City to study at the Drummers Collective. In 1998, Gerhard-García released a CD on the Canastero Music label, Eternal, which received rave reviews, with eight tracks of Latin jazz rooted music. Gerhard-García has worked with various artists and bands, including Rafael de Alcalá, Rodrigo Tobar, La Fiesta, Maipú, Alex Oriental Experience, Eli Goulart, Luizinho Vieira, and Sigo Lorfeo. Apart from being a drummer, she is also very active in the music production/composing area, doing keyboard programming, graphics, and artwork, as well as giving private drum lessons. In 2000, she was producing and recording her first solo album, together with her own band García Orchestra. Crossroads contains mainly jazz rock music, along with elements of Latin and funk music.

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