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Alessandra Ambrosio Biography 1981-

A lithe brunette with a signature navel piercing, was one of the many Brazilian models to hit it big internationally in the late 1990s. began taking modeling classes at age 14, was a finalist in the Elite Look of the Year competition in 1996, and went from there to advertisements for Guess clothing (the same line which helped launch the careers of Anna Nicole Smith and Laetitia Casta). She became one of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie “angels” and has also appeared in ads for Revlon, Giorgio Armani and many other companies. made a very brief appearance as “Tennis Girl” in the 2007 James Bond film Casino Royale (starring Daniel Craig).

Alessandra Ambrosio is 5’10” tall, according to her official site… Her daughter Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur was born on 24 August 2008; the father was Ambrosio’s longtime boyfriend, businessman Jamie Mazur… Ambrosio’s hometown is sometimes spelled Erexim.

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