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Adrienne Maloof Biography 1961-

Adrienne-MaloofBusiness Woman, Wife, Mother, Shoe & Handbag Designer, Brainchild of OMG Lightup smartphone cases, Reality TV Star and first-time Co-Producer of a new Dreamworks feature film are just a few of the many hats dynamo - Nassif wears. Renowned for her creativity and business acumen, Adrienne received her first lessons in business from her late father, entrepreneur George J. Maloof, Sr. Today, Adrienne is co-owner of Maloof Companies, alongside her brothers – Joe, Gavin, George Jr. and Phil – and her mother, Colleen. As head of Marketing and Promotions for the Maloof brands – which include the Sacramento Kings; The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas; Maloof Productions; Maloof Music; and Maloof Money Cup – Adrienne utilizes her innate creativity and marketing prowess to successfully advance Maloof Companies’ many interests across multiple entertainment platforms. Adrienne is committed to building her own, namesake brand to advance the family‘s interests in the areas of fashion, entertainment, movies, TV and music.

After receiving her degree in political science from the University of New Mexico—where, as one of the country’s top tennis players, she received a full scholarship—Adrienne worked in Sales, Advertising and Marketing for the family’s liquor and wine business. In that role, Adrienne was responsible for all sales and promotion of Gallo Wines, expanding the look and appeal of the brand. After a few years of success in this part of the business, Adrienne’s role in the Maloof Companies organically took an integrated role into all aspects of the Maloof industries.

For over two decades, Adrienne has led Marketing and Promotions for numerous facets of the Maloof family business—both past and present. Her approach to marketing is one focused on ensuring that her customers feel a ‘personal touch’ during every interaction with the Maloof brands. Never one to stand still for very long, Adrienne is also developing and producing several films and entertainment projects for Maloof Productions while also starring on Bravo’s hit reality show – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she emerged in the 2010 debut season as a fan favorite and the cast member most known for her logic, reasoning and calm under pressure. Currently Adrienne is in pre-production as a co-producer with Gary Foster (“The Soloist” “Sleepless in Seattle”) and Dreamworks on a feature film project based on a true story.

In 2011, Adrienne launched an exciting new shoe line with revered shoe dynasty Charles Jourdan, the Adrienne Maloof for Charles Jourdan brand. Adrienne’s fall 2012 line recently debuted at MAGIC in Las Vegas to great response and will be available in stores later this year.

Philanthropic work is one of Adrienne’s many passions. Adrienne has joined forces with many charities that support the education, health and well-being of children, as well as those organizations that find safe, loving homes for animals. Due to her love and concern for animals and children, Adrienne joined forces with the Sacramento SPCA to serve as an honorary spokesperson. Her financial contributions allowed the SPCA to complete a new shelter in February of 2002 and develop the Adrienne Maloof Camp Kindness program, which allows underprivileged youth to learn the proper care and handling of animals. Her Camp Kindness program was so successful in Sacramento that she is currently in the process of developing a similar program for the Los Angeles SPCA. Additionally, Adrienne also endorses School on Wheels, a nonprofit aimed at enhancing the educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through 12th grade; and the Good News Foundation, a group geared to promoting the good works of non-profit community organizations.

Adrienne presently lives in Beverly Hills, California with her husband, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, and there she takes on her greatest role – that of being a mother – with her greatest loves, her boys Gavin, Christian and Collin

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