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Addison Timlin Biography 1991-

addison-timlin was born on June 29 1991 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an American best known for her role as 14-year old diabetic child Amy in the 2005 thriller drama , with Clive Owen and Melissa George playing her parents.

At 8, was chosen to play an orphan in a 2000-01 national tour of Annie, and eventually starred in the title role in several productions. Timlin made her acting debut in the 2000-2001 National Tour of Annie. This was followed by several productions of Annie, including Papermill Playhouse and the Theater of The Stars. Her big screen debut was as Maddy in a short film called Isabel Fish that was screened at the Columbia Film Festival. In the small screen, she played Emily Draper, the troubled teenage daughter of Miranda Otto’s character on the ABC series Cashmere Mafia. In 2009, she was cast on the NBC sci-fi series Day One, which follows a group of apartment residents who survived an unknown global catastrophe. She plays a rebellious, sassy teenager. You can now see Timlin in ABC’s new series Zero Hour. She also took part with Zac Efron in the movie, .

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