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Actress Carey Mulligan on Red Carpet Dressing and Her ‘Mad’ Style

Carey MulliganAfter her very impressive turn in this year’s An Education, for which she just nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for best , ought to get used to seeing herself on film. In the new issue of Vogue, the 24 year-old says, “I’d never seen myself on screen that much. You don’t find your own face interesting.” The charmingly self-deprecating Brit acknowledges she’s still acclimating to the spotlight, and shares more about wrestling with fashion choices when all eyes are on her: “Doing the isn’t my favorite thing. Having to be judged or appraised more than I already am would freak me out, though I am sure it will get easier.” Not one to play it safe, she says, “I like to try things,” referencing the studded black leather Prada she wore to the An Education premiere, and adding, “It was cool, like I was going into battle.” Mulligan makes equally edgy choices when it came to her Vogue spread, telling the reporter, “I got to create a character. I was asked how much I wanted to look like me, and I said, ‘Not really!’” We’re looking forward to seeing what her theatrical approach to will yield at next month’s Golden Globes.

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