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A Very Different Katherine Heigl

While the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star did play some action and wield a gun in her 2010 bomb “Killers” with Ashton Kutcher, she played a nervous victim of circumstance in that one, a good girl thrust into a bad situation. That’s not the case in one of her next films, “”; here, she’s throwing herself right into the bottom feeding muck.

Heigl stars as Jersey girl Stephanie Plum, an unemployed Trenton gal who takes a job for her shady uncle’s bail bonds company, recovering assets — aka people — to bring in cash. It’s a film adaptation of a 17-book series by author Janet Evanovich, and gives Heigl to move away from romcoms (though she’ll be in the upcoming “New Year’s Eve) and TV drama. The film is still considered a comedy, but it has an edge to the character that most of her previous work has not.

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