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A delicious bowl of Mexico

Artisano-Mexican-Tomato-Bean-soupFun and fiery are two words that spring to mind when we think of Mexico, and who can resist a bowl of spicy, winter-warming , so if we combine the two.

introduces a delicious debut by bringing two winning formulas together to create its Mexican Tomato & Bean Soup.

Made locally in Auckland, this limited edition zesty vegetarian soup is 99% fat free, gluten-free and has no added preservatives!

Divine on its own … or for a heartier dish, simply heat and serve Artisano Mexican Tomato & Bean Soup with chopped avocado, sour cream and corn chips with a squeeze of lime juice.  This convenient, ready to serve soup will feed two people, giving you a healthy, wholesome family dish that’s affordable and so Mexico-delicious!

Artisano is worthy of the fable of THE LEGEND OF LOS ARTISANO DE LA SOPA – the artisan of the soup!  For this Mexican inspired taste sensation, you better hurry to your closest supermarket however, as this limited edition soup is only available until the end of September, so don’t miss out!

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