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8 Must-Have Items For Your Holiday Outfit

zara-blazerLet’s take a look at a few must-have items for a :

  •      A good sweater: Whether it’s a cardigan or a festive, ugly sweater for the office Christmas party, keeping a nice warm sweater in your closet is vital.
  •     A nice : It’s one of the best cross-over items that can be worn with a variety of different outfits. From a skirt to faux leather leggings or a cover for a maxi dress, it’s no secret a blazer does the trick to quickly spruce up your holiday outfit.
  •     A festive clutch: You can choose a gold, red or green for the Christmas holiday season and switch to a more sparkly, sequins clutch to bring in the new year! There are lots of cute clutches out there that also serve as a cell phone holder so you won’t have to take an extra purse!
  •     A pencil skirt: A simple piece that will help you make a statement. It’s a great item that shows off almost any shape from petite to curvy. If the band at the top stretches around the waist area, pull it up to just above your belly button for the high-waist look!
  •     Tights: Don’t let the bitter weather stop you from wearing your girly outfits! Pair tights with your skirt and/or dress to not only stay warm but keep your holiday look fresh. Black is always the safe go-to color when it comes to tights. But for the holiday season, there’s no need to shy away from colors like pink, navy blue and purple.
  •     Leather jacket: Weather it’s faux leather or you want to splurge on the real thing, a leather jacket is a great accent for casual holiday outfits like a sweater with skinny jeans and even a basic holiday inspired dress.
  •     Ankle booties: They’re not only super comfortable, they’re sooooo cute! Its like they almost give you a little glide when you walk. If you plan to go to a holiday party where you’ll be standing for a majority of the time, ankle booties are great footwear to prevent your feet from getting sore.
  •     A signature accessory piece: A holiday outfit without a gaudy necklace, big earrings or even outstanding bracelet (or pair of bangles, whichever you prefer) will simply do your digs no justice!

Each of these pieces will let anyone in your path know “I have arrived!”

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