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7 Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Gown

wedding-gownYou’ve got the perfect ring and now it’s time to find the perfect wedding gown for you. But where should you start from? The task of finding the perfect wedding gown can easily become a daunting one.

Here are the Bridal Manager at Kleinfeld’s Bridal for advice on how to shop for your ideal dress:

For years, Roberts has helped women find their dream gown, and now she’s sharing her tips to help all you brides-to-be do the same.

Research: “First, start with your research,” says Roberts. “Get an idea of dresses and styles that are out there.” Kleinfeld’s website has all their wedding dresses listed, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the options available before walking into a store, she says.

Plan Ahead: “It’s never too early to look,” says Roberts. “Six months is bare minimum. Give us a year, a year and a half — the more time, the better, the easier, the less pressure for everyone.”

Budget: “Come prepared knowing how much you want to spend,” she advises. “There’s the dress, there’s headpieces, alterations, and there are extras. We don’t want anyone going into sticker shock when everything is added together.”

Who to Bring: “Please don’t bring an army of people,” says Roberts. “It tends to be confusing to you, the bride.” Instead, “you want to bring two or three people whose opinions you value and trust, and who you know have only your best interests at heart.”

Keep an Open Mind: “You may think you know what works for you, and you may be 100 percent right,” notes Roberts. “On the other hand, you may be completely off base. So listen to the consultant — she may pull a dress that you say ‘absolutely not,’ put it on, and thank her from the bottom of your heart for making you try it on.”

What to Wear: “Wear proper undergarments,” says Roberts. “Even if you have to go out and buy a pair of underwear that works, we really appreciate it more than you know.” She recommends wearing “a bra, underpants, spanx, or pantyhose” to your appointment.

Trust Your Instincts: Roberts says her best advice when shopping for a wedding gown is to stay true to who you are. “This is not a costume,” she adds. “This is representative of who you are. Go with your gut, trust those instincts and you will make the right choice.”

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