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5 Things to Do on Your Lunch Break Other Than Eat

massageWe believe a isn’t just for eating (although, we certainly recommend that too). To prove it, we rounded up a handful of and that can be achieved in an hour or less — perfect for multi-taskers everywhere!

A blowout. Breathe some life into your tresses by treating the to a volume-enhancing blowout. The process takes about 45 minutes, so we suggest making your appointment at a salon close to your office. The treatment lasts for several days, meaning if you do it on a Thursday, you’ll have sexy strands all weekend long!

A mani or a pedi. This type of pamper sesh is the most popular procedure to have done during the lunch hour … we’d know. If you’re only allotted 30 minutes, we suggest you stick to a gel manicure. Have an hour? Go for acrylics!

A . An hour-long massage may be just what you need after that stressful board meeting this morning. If you only have half an hour of free time, look into shorter services. Some salons offer sugar foot scrubs, perfect for sandal season.

LED teeth whitening. Nearly all whitening procedures take a lot longer than a meal break permits. On the other hand, the LED brightening process takes just 20 a few minutes. Impressive. The best benefit about it will be, there are no refreshments restrictions afterwards! Guess this means you may get that Grande Chai Latte afterall …

And an entirely different type of therapy — our personal fave—retail. You’ll be surprised how much shopping you can get done in an hour.

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