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5 Shocking Ways You’re Causing Wrinkles

skin-careBy now, you probably know that tanning and smoking can lead to . But did you know the way you sip your coffee in the morning could cause them too? While you do the best you can to take care of your skin with creams and regimens, your typical day-to-night routine might be the cause of unwanted lines on your face. Read on to discover five surprising causes of .

Snoozing face down. If you prefer to lie on your side or stomach, you’re unknowingly putting pressure onto your face each night. Sleeping with your face in your pillow can increase wrinkles over time. If you can peacefully switch to catching Z’s on your back, you can avoid sleep lines.

Drinking through a straw. Slurping through a straw occasionally will do no harm, but if it’s involved in your everyday life or you’re prone to lines around the mouth, ditch it. Constantly pursing your lips will increase the risk of creases.

Off-and-on-again dieting. If you’re pounds on the scale are constantly up and down, experts believe it can damage your skin. While your weight goes up and down, so does your elasticity in your skin. If your skin is unable to bounce back, it will lose its firmness and cause wrinkles. Diet healthy and avoid binge fasting.

Overloading on sugar. Cutting out large amounts of sugar in your diet isn’t only beneficial for your waistline, it also helps with your skin. Specialists believe sugar consumption affects your collagen, turning it from type III to type I, which is much more fragile and vulnerable to damage.

Lack of sleep. Whenever you don’t achieve correct sleep, your body produces cortisol. Cortisol causes your blood glucose levels to increase and quickens the aging process by breaking straight down collagen, which brings about creases. Sleeping an entire eight hours additionally produces more human growth hormones that’ll help keep the skin young and also radiant.

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