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5 Best Weather Apps for Google Chrome

weather-appAccording to TechNewsWorld 5 are:

About the Ecosystem: Download a Chrome browser for your operating system. Google’s Chrome apps and extensions for its browser are found in the Chrome Web Store. Click on a new tab in the browser, choose the Chrome Web Store link in the lower right corner of the page and use the on-page Search text box to find the required app.

Within Google’s Chrome, apps are generally self-contained, whereas extensions can provide pop-up functions or interact with the Web page. A lot of the apps and extensions are merely bookmarks.


This Wunderground crowdsourced app is simply a straight mash-up of Google Maps along with satellite or terrain detail — and superimposed radar, satellite weather or reporting weather station data. Thousands of data sources are included, such as hobbyist stations and remote automated stations perched on mountaintops. Drill-down for super-local observations.

2 Rain Alarm

This app warns you of precipitation headed your way. Set your location and some parameters, like a search radius, and the app will alert you. You may have to adjust sensitivity and search interval, but it does usually work. Alternatives include looking out of the window.


A good, solid, all-round weather extension with animated graphics. A close-by weather cam will display in the animated window if available. An additional add-on for Windows gives you severe weather alerts in your taskbar. Detailed observations include must-haves like humidity, monthly rain and an interesting rain rate for the day. All useful stuff.


Here’s a Google-driven weather map that includes layers like ski resorts, driving directions and traffic. It’s not quite as elegant as the other apps we’ve included, hence its runner’s-up position. Still, it is remarkably interesting to see traffic snarl-ups created by weather, and it’s a tool you can use to pick alternate freeway commute routes based on rain-dumping weather cells.


“Quirky” would be a good one-word description for this very popular extension. Clicking on a button adjacent to the address bar creates an animated “living landscape” that reflects the weather.

Choose from weather layer-superimposed pastoral scenes, cityscapes and other scenes — or make your own with any photo — and the weather animates in real-time, a bit like looking out of a virtual window. A time scroll lets you project a forecast graphically. Fun, if you’ve got time on your hands.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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